Adorable Scarves to Complete Your Winter Look

Scarves are a great way to accessorize an outfit! They are simple to throw on and can elevate any look, making them an ideal thing to have in your closet! At Love Marlow, we carry a unique line of shredded scarves that we just know you’ll love!



So what makes our shredded scares unique? Each scarf is one of a kind as they are made using leftover textiles that do not get used for making clothing! This could mean they are the leftover scraps, or there just wasn’t enough material, so rather than be wasted, the cloth is turned into these beautiful scarves!


Isn’t that such a great, sustainable way to utilize something that would otherwise go to the landfill? When you throw on one of our Love Marlow shredded scarves, you can feel good about the message of recycling that it tells! When you get compliments, don’t be afraid to tell the unique story your scarf has!


Shredded Scarf: How to Tie


It’s the number one question we get, how do you tie a scarf? With some scarves styles, you’ll find diagrams and videos that will leave you feeling tangled! But that’s where we’re a little different. With our Shredded scarves, there are no complex scarf tying lessons! Each scarf is bound together so your scarf will always look as perfect as the day you bought it! 


We have a couple of different styles of scarves, a longer and a shorter round one. Both styles are perfectly paired with a sweater, tee, dress and so much more! Each scarf is unique in terms of the fabric, so be sure to look through all our coloring options to pick the right one (or two, or three) that is right for you? 


We've collected a few of our favorite shredded scarf pairings! Stop on in or shop online to get these looks!


Scarf Paired With a Sweater

 Woman smiling while wearing a striped chenille sweater

Part of the reason for even wearing a scarf is to ward off those wintery breezes! What better pairing than to up the warmth factor with this cozy chenille sweater


Scarf Paired With a Basic Tee

Woman smiling while wearing a black tee, camo SPANX leggings and an army green shredded scarf.


Who doesn't love a classic? Take your tee to the next level by pairing it with one of our long or short shredded scarves! We get it, sometimes the basics win out when you're rushing in the morning, but don't forget to grab a little glam when you can! We paired our shredded scarf with a basic black tee and some SPANX camo leggings, and please excuse us while we add this look to our wardrobe!


Scarf Paired With a Tunic

Woman smiling while wearing a lavender tunic and a purple shredded scarf.


Tunics are our go-to when trying to stay comfy but also look cute! We love how you can wear them with any legging and your rump is perfectly hidden. Come on, aren't we all secretly trying to figure out how to pass leggings off as business casual? No judgment here! This Sweater Tunic goes great with some leggings and our shredded scarf is the perfect way to round out the look! 


Scarf Paired With a Cardigan


Woman smiling while wearing an orange cardigan, blue tee, jeans and a shredded scarf.

Layering in the winter is so important and a tee, cardigan, and a scarf can really help provide that warmth and comfort you are looking for in a winter outfit! We grabbed this adorable, versatile cardigan, a basic tee, and one of our shredded scarves to put together this perfectly cute pairing! We are also showing you how you can twist the circle of the long scarf to shake up the shredded scarf look a bit. 


Scarf and a Winter Jacket

Woman smiling while wearing a grey peacoat, green sweater and a shredded scarf.  

Who doesn't love a classic! A scarf can not only elevate your top but also your outerwear! We paired this long shredded scarf with a basic green long-sleeved tee and threw on this adorable peacoat! Cute meets winter practicality in this winter look!