About Us

We wanted a way to make women feel beautiful every day no matter their circumstances and Love Marlow was born.




You’re not seeing double – the owners of Love Marlow are twins! Stacey is on the left and Leslie is on the right.

Opening Love Marlow has been a life-long dream of ours. Step inside and be greeted with a sense of calmness and belonging. Our boutique caters to women sizes 12 to 28. We want everyone to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

The name “Love Marlow” holds special significance to us. “Love” is how we want our customers to feel about themselves. The name “Marlow” means driftwood. As we progress through our lives, we all change – but at the core, we are still the same. In the end, we are all a different version of driftwood.

We are so excited to share our love of fashion and clothes with Sioux Falls.