4 Clothing Tips for Hot Summer Days

We notice a trend in the summer - plus size women struggling to find clothes that help beat the heat, while still being comfortable. Let’s face it, not all curvy women feel comfortable rocking the shorts and tanks. While we’re big advocates for helping women feel confident in their own skin, we’re also here to help guide you on your own personal journey. If you’re not totally ready to show more skin in the summer, here are our tips for staying cool as a plus size woman. 

1: Choose The Right Fabric

Two women laught with their arms over each other shoulders. They wear short shorts and are killing it.

Not all fabrics are meant for summer. There’s the obvious like fleece, leather, and polyester, but denim is a fabric that might be surprising for our no-go list. Let’s break down what makes a fabric good for summer:

  • Breathability - a good summer fabric should allow for airflow
  • Moisture absorbing - contrary to believe, you actually want your fabrics to absorb, not repel. Absorbing means the moisture will no longer be on your skin. If your fabric repels, sweat and oils will become trapped between your clothes and skin. Not very appealing, are we right?
  • Cleanability - okay, that may be a slightly made up word, but how well the fabric cleans up is a valid point. You’re gonna sweat and get messy in the summer, no bones about it, so ensuring a clothing item can easily be washed and cleaned.

So now that we know what makes a fabric good for summer, here is our list of fabrics to look for:

  • Linen - this is our number one favorite fabric for a hot summer day. It’s breezy, lightweight, moisture absorbing, and easy to clean. A real winner all around.
  • Cotton - trusty, ole cotton. Very similar to linen in all its qualities but is a more commonly found fabric. Just remember that if your item is a cotton-blend, meaning there are other fabric types mixed in, you may not be getting the full benefits of cotton. So watch your tags.
    • Chambray - adding this to the list because if you want to get that denim look, chambray is the way to go. It’s a cotton fabric and has finer weave meaning it has the breathability you're looking for. Trade your denim jacket in for a chambray button down as a great layering piece.
    • Rayon - if you have to go with a non-natural fiber, rayon is probably your best bet. It is not moisture wicking, so on super humid days don’t reach for it. It’s perfect for dry, hot summer days where you need something lightweight. 

      Now that you know the right fabrics, let’s move onto some tips you can use to feel confident while beating the heat.


      A woman wears a striped pink and white lightweight cardigan and holds a wine glass.


      2: Dress in lightweight layers

      In our experience, plus size women feel more comfortable with a little more clothing on. That’s okay if that's you (or if it isn't)! However, if you’re going to wear extra fabric make sure it’s working for you, not against you. We recommend dressing in lightweight layers and paying attention to the fabrics (now you know why we started with that tip–it’s seriously so critical!). Start with base layers that are shorter in length and wear breezy layering pieces to make yourself feel comfortable. Many of our customers pick up lightweight cardigans and kimonos in the summer to wear over tanks and dresses.


      A woman wears a hat and light colors blouse.

      3: Wear lighter colors

      This one should be fairly obvious. Darker colors absorb light - this means they essentially attract heat! We know that black is a favorite color among plus size women, but what’s worse, being miserably hot or branching out of your color comfort zone? If you're hot, you're gonna be uncomfortable anyways so we hope you chose the latter. White, pastels, and light grays are great options for super hot and sunny days. 


      A woman wears a light and breezy top


      4: Avoid clingy cuts

      Pay attention to the cut of your clothing. We recommend looser fitting styles that allow for some breathing room between you and the fabric. Even the best fabrics for summer weather can feel suffocating if your clothing is too tight. Our advice is to not worry about the size on the label and concern yourself only with wearing something that has a little extra room.  

      Be comfortable - be yourself.

      That’s it! That’s our list of 4 tips to help you beat the heat. At the end of the day, all we care about is that you feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you’re wearing. If that means rocking a fabric that was on our no-go list or adding some extra layer (or taking them off, wink wink) all that matters is you’re happy.