The Best Body Suit For Plus Size Women

Let’s start with a little disclaimer: we know how some plus size women feel about the bodysuit trend. They feel that it’s not for them, that it’s too tight, that it shows off too much, that it’s uncomfortable. We’re here to dispel those rumors and encourage you to at least try a bodysuit before making up your mind. Buckle up, ladies!


Two women chat while wearing a Spanx bodysuit

Spanx® has the best bodysuit we’ve found

We used to be in the "no bodysuit brigade". We thought there was no way we would ever jump on this latest trend. That was until we decided to give it a try and boy did our minds change.

That’s what we encourage you to do as well, don’t knock it until you try it. Why should we be scared of a piece of clothing? What harm can come of at least trying it? Maybe your current thoughts will be justified, but what if you’re pleasantly surprised? 

What we love about the Spanx® bodysuit

Close up of a black body suit paired with a cardigan

If you know anything about us, you know that we love Spanx® products. From their leggings, to their tees, tanks, shorts, and how could we forget their classic shapewear? That’s what made us first try their bodysuit, because if Spanx® made it, we’ll probably love it. 

We're carrying the Spanx bodysuit in a few options:

At first touch, you’ll notice the silky feel to the fabric. It makes it so versatile for pairing with jeans, linen, cotton and other fabrics. It also makes layering easier because it won’t stick to other fabrics from your cardigan or jacket you might pair it with. 

When we put it on, we’ll admit it was a little weird, but as soon as we slid a pair of jeans over the bottom, we were amazed by the figure flattering look. We kind of expected to look silly, but in classic Spanx® style, the cut and fabric was so good. It smoothed out our curves and provided a great shape. 

And we’re forgetting the purpose of a bodysuit to begin with, to make the tucked look effortless! Tucking is all the rage, but there is nothing worse about having a shirt come untucked during the hecticness of the day. We love how the Spanx® bodysuit provides an effortless polished look. 

How to wear a bodysuit as a plus size woman

Plus size woman wears a black long sleeve body suit paired with a skirt.

Step one, put it on. Step two, rock it! That’s it, ladies! You can rock a plus size bodysuit as a curvy woman with confidence.

But if you’re curious, here’s some additional advice we've found through trial and error to make you feel more comfortable. 

  • First, get the right size. Nothing is worse than ill-fitting clothing, and the naturally tight fit of the bodysuit may be a turn off in your regular size. Feel free to size up and down, the size on your tag doesn’t matter. What does is how comfortable you feel.
  • Don’t be afraid to pair with shapewear. We love shapewear to help women feel more confident, and it’s totally okay to put it on under a bodysuit. We put together this guide to wearing shapewear and we highly recommend you check it out. 
  • Baby steps may be needed. Try wearing a bodysuit paired with an oversized cardigan or jacket and work your way to feeling comfortable wearing it alone. 

Try one for yourself

Bodysuits are worth the try on! We’re so excited for you to see that for yourself. Stop by our shop to try them on in person - you don’t have to buy but we’re excited for you to potentially change your mind on this amazing style!

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