Basic Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

Fall. Just saying the word gives us visions of cool, crisp days, jumping in leaves, sipping warm cider or coffee, and gathering under Friday night lights to watch some football. When you think of fall clothing you might think of oversized sweaters and jackets, but is your closet really ready for the ranging temps that fall can bring? 

While we’re all for the latest fall fashions, there are a few basics you should always have in your closet. They’re timeless, versatile, and the best part: they can transition into other seasons. We’re breaking down the basic items your closet needs to be ready for fall.

1: Basic, quality tanks, tees, and long-sleeves

plus size woman wears a basic long sleeve white tee and tan pants

For us, fall is all about getting a layering system down. After a long, hot summer, you may be craving a big comfy sweater, but don’t forget that fall temps range drastically. That sweater is going to feel sweltering as the temps climb into the upper 60s and lower 70 degree days. 

Make sure your closet is stocked with basic tees, long and three quarter length sleeves in a variety of colors. They’re perfect for popping under a jacket, pairing with a scarf, or letting it shine all on its own.

We recommend quality shirts for your most basic layers. Since they’re more simple and versatile, you’ll likely wear them through the seasons and so you want them to last. Look for quality fabric blends and don’t cheap out just for a good deal–buy once cry once as they say. 

2: Jeans

Denim jeans with a slight ruffle around ankle

We know this isn’t a groundbreaking suggestion, but let’s break down the type of jean that’s perfect for the season. Afterall, not all cuts or styles are right for the weather.

We’re a big fan of cropped lengths for fall. They're perfect for pairing with booties, sandals, and sneakers. Another classic style is the skinny jean. We know they’re not Gen Z’s favorite, but they’re definitely still a beloved style. One reason is the fact that they can be rolled up or down depending on weather. It basically makes one pair of jeans into multiple! 

If you’re curious about jeans styles and what might look best for your body type, we recently wrote a blog article on this very subject. Check it out! 

While our customers love our KanCan and Judy Blue Jeans, we also love recommending Spanx. They come in a variety of patterns and styles and have the classic shaping technology built in. 

3: Jackets, Shackets, and Cardigans

Woman wearing a shacket in a plaid pattern

Fall is a favorite season because of these three items: jackets, shackets, and cardigans! Who doesn’t love throwing on a cozy layer to head out for a day of fun. We recommend having at least one jacket (a blue denim or bomber), one shacket (additional in varying colors and patterns), and a few cardigans of different weights and styles. 

A basic fall wardrobe is extremely capsule, meaning you can pair varying pieces with each other to create endless new looks.

4: Bodysuits

Plus size white body suit paired under a denim jacket

We know what you’re thinking, how can this newer style be considered basic? We predict that body suits are around to stay because they make layering so easy! Especially with tucked looks being the style when paired with high rise jeans or slacks.

We carry a variety of bodysuit styles and have been loving helping women discover something new! Most plus size women don’t feel bodysuits are for them, but we think that’s wrong. In fact, we wrote an entire post dispelling that notion. If you’ve been curious about how they work on plus size bodies, read our take on the bodysuit.

5: Basic Patterns

Muted pattern long sleeve

A trend we’ve been noticing is a move away from loud patterns such as bold florals or animal print. We know our audience has really loved these patterns so don’t worry we’re still carrying plenty of on-trend options. We’ve seen a move towards more muted animal prints, daintier florals, and abstract patterns and have been loving our new items that are following this trend.

Basic patterns in a fall capsule wardrobe are important, they’re that little pop of fun that really brings more basic items to life. The move towards more basic patterns mean that items can go the distance–and rewearing with a different cardigan or swapping out jeans for a skirt won’t be as obvious as a statement piece.

6: Textures

Waffle pattern shirt under a overall skirt

Pay attention to the texture of your items as you build a fall capsule wardrobe. Having clothing pieces in various textures–even if they are the most basic colors or styles–instantly adds visual variety. For fall, we love waffle-knits and softer looking textures. They invoke the feeling of coziness and warmth. Cable sweaters with different weights are also great and usually come in a variety of cuts and patterns. 

Are you fall ready?

What’s your favorite fall basic? Are you on team shacket or are you loyal to the denim jacket? Or maybe both have earned a place in your closet–we won’t judge!

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