Plus Size Winter Work Outfits

What should you wear to work in the winter? I guess first and foremost, that depends on your definition of winter. Up here in South Dakota, that means below freezing temps, lots of snow, and wind that never seems to let up. 

That means when planning winter outfits for work, we have to be a bit creative up north. Layers are our friends, we have sweaters in every weight, and tights or leggings under dresses are a must. 

No matter these challenges, winter weather is one of our favorites to style for! There’s so many rich textures, seasonal colors, and unique accessorizing options (hello, scarves). Here’s some of our favorite winter styles for the upcoming cold weather season!

Blazer and Jeans

Plus size woman wearing 4 blazer options

Is there really anything better for winter work wear than this combo? It’s exactly why we’re starting out with it! For the season, we recommend bringing in some bright colors to combat the winter blues. Plus, you can never have too many, check out all these fun blazer options!


Statement Sweaters

Plus size woman wearing 4 different sweater options
Every girl needs a statement sweater in their closet for winter! We love how this sweater is a fun color, has amazing texture, and the criss cross argyle pattern provides visual interest.

Skirts & Dresses

Plus size woman wearing 2 skirt and 2 dress outfits
Don’t snooze on a skirt in the winter, especially for those miraculous days that are a bit warmer. We love this longer length black skirt paired with a more fitted mock neck sweater.

Button Down Blouses

Plus size woman wears 4 button down outfits

Have you ever tried wearing your button downs open? We especially love pairing it with a tucked blouse and jeans. But of course, if jeans are too casual, snag a pair of slacks.



plus size woman wears 4 cardigan options

Ah the cardigan. It's a classic, but you can never go wrong. It pairs so well, comes in a variety of textures or lengths, and is so figure flattering on a variety of body shapes. Be sure to have at least one (or seven) in your winter work wardrobe.

Non-Traditional Pants

plus size woman wearing slacks and faux leather leggings

We've mentioned a lot of different top options, but what about what's on bottom? Snag a few non-traditional pants like faux leather leggings, white palazo or skinny jeans (it's okay after labor day, that's just an old wives tale), and patterned skinnies. 


What items are you looking for your winter wardrobe?

Anything stand out to you as a new look? New way to style something you already got? See a few items you need? Shop our newest arrivals to get all the inspiration.