How to Style Plus Size SPANX Leather Leggings

You’ve probably been seeing faux leather leggings everywhere--they are so hot this season! We’ve seen so many of our favorite plus-size influencers wearing them and we totally get why--faux leather is so versatile!

We have a vast collection of different styles of Spanx® faux leather bottoms for any occasion, but there’s still one looming question: How should you style them, especially for plus sized bodies? 

Here’s our basic rules for styling faux leather spanx leggings that help us feel more comfortable rocking the style:

  1. Cover the tush. We’ve found that tops that hang longer in the back compliment the slim fit of the faux leather and also make us feel a little more comfortable. 
  2. Blouse-style tops also balance out the slimmer fit of the legging and give a proportional look.
  3. Textures. Make sure to play around with different materials, like doing a cable knit, fuzzy knits, or even a fun faux fur! 
  4. Long cardigans or sweaters can help make you feel more comfortable if you are uneasy about wearing a legging out and about. 
  5. Lastly, It’s fashion so don’t be afraid to have fun with it! There are no real rules, but we definitely have learned along the way to make sure we feel good in the outfit so we can bring more confidence to our day. 

Now that we have the guidelines, let’s dive into some outfit inspo to get you feeling the love for the faux leather legging. 


Running Errands

Woman wearing faux leather leggings and a cardigan

We’re not sure about you, but when we have to run errands, our outfit choice is always something that is both comfy for all the in and out of stores, but is cute enough to run into someone you know! We paired our SPANX Faux Leather Legging with a simple patterned tee and a cardigan. The cardigan is a little longer and covers the tush perfectly!

Business Professional

woman wearing faux leather leggings and blazer

We know what you’re thinking, Business Professional and Leather do not mix. But we’re sorry to tell you that is so not the case! Faux leather leggings have structure and are thick enough that whatever you don't want showing through, doesn't.. 

Dress it up with a blazer and this outfit will have you turning heads at your big presentation. 


Business Casual

plus size woman wearing spanx faux leather leggings and long sleeve tunic shirt

Now that we’ve established faux leather is perfect for work, we present you with some business casual outfit inspo! We paired the this faux leather moto legging with a tunic sweater for a simple, but classic look. Plus, if you are feeling a little exposed in a faux leather legging, tunic-style tops will help cover the toosh and make you feel a little more confident rocking the leggings!  

Out with the Girls

woman wearing patterned faux leather leggings and denim jacket

Okay, this outfit might just be our favorite way to style the leather legging! For this look, we grabbed the Spanx faux leather patterned legging because we cannot get enough of the details on this pant!  Lean right into that classic leather look by pairing it with a graphic tee and a jean jacket. 


Date Night

Woman wearing faux leather leggings and a bomber jacket


Want to get your Hubby’s or Significant Other’s attention? Well this outfit is definitely one way! We paired our Spanx faux leather legging with a patterned tank that shows just the right amount of skin (wink, wink) and a bomber jacket.



Woman wearing faux leather leggings and a cardigan

What we love about faux leather is the ability for it to be dressed up or down. Need something cute for a casual night out or coffee with friends? We styled our SPANX Faux Leather Legging with a longer patterned tank and cardigan. These leggings are so buttery soft & we love how this hoodie is a little longer in the back to cover the tush! 


Try Them on For Size

Feeling a little inspired by these outfits but still aren’t sure about rocking the faux leather legging? Trust us, we get it! We were a little apprehensive at first but stop on by and try on a pair to see once and for all. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the right fit and feel with all of our different faux leather legging options!


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