Cute Thanksgiving Outfits

Thanksgiving is in the air! We can smell the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and green bean casserole already! Thanksgiving is one of those interesting holidays, you want to be cute for the photos, but the desire for comfort after that big meal sometimes takes over. Why sacrifice comfort when you can have the best of both worlds? 

We’ve rounded up some Thanksgiving approved outfits that won’t have you unbuttoning that top button this year!


Graphic Tee, Cardigan and Stretchy Jeans

Let’s start out with some more casual but cute Thanksgiving outfits. Maybe you’re staying home for Thanksgiving, or need something for a friendsgiving celebration? Look no further than a classic fall graphic tee & jeans paired with this adorable NEW Black Stretchy Drawstring Hoodie! This hoodie should definitely be a staple in your wardrobe as it is longer in length, has REAL pockets and the material is so stretchy! It has a slight athleisure feel making it perfect for a more casual thanksgiving look. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking, jeans are not Thanksgiving approved, but hear us out! These Non-Distressed High Rise Jeans are so stretchy, they honestly are as comfy as a pair of leggings! Because they are high-rise, they won't cut into your belly, so go ahead--wear the jeans and have extra dessert!


We have so many cute graphic tees, including a few Thanksgiving specific options, so take a look and find the one that ‘speaks’ to you!


Graphic Long Sleeve & Capri Legging

Our second casual look will win all you over who revolt against jeans at Thanksgiving! We have this adorable Thanksgiving “Gather” Graphic Hoodie paired with some Mustard Capri Leggings. Now this is the epitome of a Thanksgiving approved outfit! Wear this at your less formal event or even throw it on after the turkey has been consumed. You’ll thank us later for this look.  


We all have that one relative who keeps their house way too warm, that’s where these leggings come in! They are capri length so if you are hot blooded, live in a warmer climate, or Nana cranks the heat--these legging will work!

Camo Cowl Neck and Grey Spanx® Pants

Let’s kick this up one notch to a more elevated casual Thanksgiving look. We sincerely hope the cowl neck never goes out of style because it is just so dang comfy! This Camo Cowl Neck Sweatshirt is textured and has a large front pocket! 

We paired it with these Grey SPANX®  Distressed Skinny Jeans. What we love about SPANX®  leggings for Thanksgiving is that they are pull on (no buttons!) and have patented smoothers and shapers built into the structure of the pants. The smoothers hold things in and accentuate your natural curves! Let these jeans hide that extra helping of mashed potatoes, we won’t judge!


Shimmery Striped Sweater & Navy Blue Tregging

These last three outfits are all something you could wear to a more formal Thanksgiving dinner. First up is this oh so cozy Shimmery Knit Striped Sweater with such great colors including burgundy, mauve, & dusty gold. This sweater screams fall, but the shimmery knit fabric gives it some glam which is perfect for that Thanksgiving dinner. 

We paired it with a Navy Tregging. If you haven't heard about the tregging then we are here to profess our love for the stretchy, comfy, pants! Treggings are going to be your go to when you need to dress up, but also just feel like leggings! (Don’t lie, we’ve all been there). They are a more structured legging so no worrying about pany lines or lumps & bumps. Get them in every color!


Mustard Sweater and Tuxedo Spanx Leggings

This is probably the most dressy outfit we have pulled together for you, and you’ll see why! This Mustard Cable Knit Sweater with a lattice patterned inlay is just so classy & you can feel the quality as soon as you take it off the rack. 

For the bottoms, we have the SPANX®  Tuxedo Perfect Black Pant. Yep--Tuxedo! Up the side of the leg is a satiny panel giving the pant that classic tuxedo look and also providing a slimming element as well! These pants definitely need to be in your work outfit rotation as well as for special events!


Striped Sweater and Olive Stretchy Jean

Last but not least is this great Striped Dolman Sleeve Sweater with a stitch detail around the collar, paired with an Olive High-Rise Skinny Jean.


The sweater has a split hemline and is a little longer in the back, which is something we LOVE in a sweater. It also has this great stitch detail near the neck, and we love the olive edging! It's also BUTTER SOFT. Seriously, you need to feel how cozy this sweater is!


Once again don’t yell at us for a regular pant in a Thanksgiving outfit! These are highrise and stretchy and totally full-belly approved.


cute thanksgiving outfits. Two women stand in fall themed graphic teams with a pumpkin pie icon below.