The Best Dress Shapes for Plus Size Body Shapes: Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, and Hourglass

Finding the perfect dress can be a game-changer, especially when it celebrates your unique body shape. Whether you identify as a circle, rectangle, triangle, or hourglass, there are dress styles designed to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident and comfortable. Let's dive into the best dress shapes for each of these plus size body types.

Circle (Apple) Body Shape

Characteristics: If you have a circle body shape, you tend to carry weight around your midsection, have a fuller bust, and narrower hips and legs.

Best Dress Shapes:

  1. Empire Waist Dresses: These dresses have a high waistline just below the bust, drawing attention upwards and away from the midsection. They create a flattering, elongated silhouette.

  2. A-Line Dresses: This classic shape flares out from the waist, offering a balanced look by adding volume to the lower half of the body, which helps to define the waist.

  3. Wrap Dresses: A wrap dress creates a beautiful V-neckline, accentuating the bust and providing a slimming effect through the waist. It’s adjustable, making it perfect for achieving a comfortable yet flattering fit.

Rectangle (Athletic) Body Shape

Characteristics: Rectangular body shapes have balanced proportions with little definition at the waist. Shoulders, waist, and hips are relatively similar in width.

Best Dress Shapes:

  1. Belted Dresses: Adding a belt to any dress instantly creates the illusion of a defined waist. Look for dresses that come with a built-in belt or add one yourself to cinch your middle.

  2. Fit and Flare Dresses: These dresses hug the waist and then flare out, creating curves and adding femininity to your figure.

  3. Sheath Dresses: A well-fitted sheath dress can enhance your shape by skimming your body without clinging too tightly, giving you a sleek and elegant look.

Triangle (Pear) Body Shape

Characteristics: With a triangle body shape, your hips are wider than your shoulders and bust. You often have a well-defined waist.

Best Dress Shapes:

  1. A-Line Dresses: This shape is perfect for drawing attention to your upper body and minimizing the lower body. The flare starts at the waist and skims over the hips.

  2. Off-the-Shoulder Dresses: By showcasing your shoulders and collarbone, these dresses balance your silhouette, drawing the eye upwards and away from your hips.

  3. Fit and Flare Dresses: These dresses accentuate the waist and provide a balanced look by flaring out over the hips, creating a harmonious shape.

Hourglass Body Shape

Characteristics: Hourglass figures have well-balanced bust and hip measurements with a clearly defined waist.

Best Dress Shapes:

  1. Bodycon Dresses: These dresses hug your curves and highlight your natural hourglass shape. Look for materials with some stretch for comfort.

  2. Wrap Dresses: Wrap dresses are universally flattering, but they especially enhance an hourglass shape by accentuating the waist and enhancing curves.

  3. Peplum Dresses: The peplum detail at the waist emphasizes your narrowest point, highlighting the balance between your upper and lower body.

General Tips for Plus Size Dress Shopping

  • Fabric Choice: Opt for fabrics that drape well and provide structure, such as jersey, crepe, and cotton blends. Avoid overly stiff or clingy materials.
  • Prints and Patterns: Vertical stripes, small prints, and dark colors can create a slimming effect. Don’t shy away from bold prints, but ensure they’re proportionate to your body size.
  • Tailoring: Well-fitted dresses that accentuate your best features are key. Don’t hesitate to have a dress tailored for a perfect fit.
  • Comfort and Confidence: The best dress is one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t compromise on comfort for the sake of fashion.

Embrace your body shape and find dresses that highlight your unique beauty. Whether you're a circle, rectangle, triangle, or hourglass, the right dress can make all the difference, giving you the confidence to shine at any event.

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