Celebrating Two Years of Empowerment at Love Marlow

Hello Lovelies,

All month long we are celebrating our two year anniversary of Love Marlow and we are kicking it off with a behind-the-scenes look into how it all got started! We can hardly believe it has already been two years and we feel so lucky to have been serving this community of amazing women and getting to know all of you!
If you’re new around here, we are the Malmgrens; Leslie and Stacey. No, you're not seeing double, we are twin sisters and almost 10 years ago we began our journey which would one day lead us to open Love Marlow.

We grew up in St. James, Minnesota but graduated high school from Canton, South Dakota. After high school, we first got our Associate's Degree from Minnesota West in Worthington and then were off to the University of South Dakota for our Bachelor's Degree.

It was during this time that we got our first taste of the retail industry when we began working at a local bridal shop. We loved working there so much and being a small part of finding that dress for the big day! It was so gratifying to help women see their true beauty, no matter their size or how they felt about their bodies. We especially loved helping the plus-sized brides, as we ourselves fall into that category.

That’s when the idea sparked to start a store of our own, exclusive for the average-sized woman—which just so happens to be the sizes most stores do not carry! After working in bridal we felt why just make a woman feel beautiful for one day of her lifetime? Women deserve to feel confident and empowered every day of their lives!

As plus-sized women, we found it very difficult to shop locally, especially at boutiques we loved. Even national brands at the time didn’t carry larger than an xL in most stores. That frustration, paired with our bridal shop experience led us to create Love Marlow; a store where you can buy a complete outfit, not just a shirt from the one rack in the back.

When you walk into Love Marlow, we want you to take off the worries of the day and just focus on yourself! We love chatting with you and finding out what’s going on in your life, so don’t be shy! One of our favorite parts of Love Marlow is being there for all the special moments; outfits for weddings, baby showers, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. To be even a small part in making you feel beautiful and confident every day is why we get up in the morning and why Love Marlow is so special to us.

We hope you have found even a small ounce of confidence, empowerment, and beauty by stopping in and finding an outfit with us! We firmly believe that all women deserve to be celebrated and feel special, so we’d love to help you feel that on your next shopping adventure.

Stacey and Leslie