Fall Fashion Trends 2021 (With Moodboards)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that fall is just around the corner.

We. Are. So. Pumped.

Fall is probably our favorite fashion season and quite honestly, is one of the best for plus size styles. We recently went to market to pick out what we’ll be carrying for fall this year at Love Marlow and are eager to show you our fall collection!

But before we launch, let’s take a look at the Plus Size Fashion Trends for Fall we saw while in Dallas. 


Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

1: Texture Will Be Important In Fall Trends

While some patterns like camo and animal print will still be in, this fall is all about TEXTURE. What do we mean by that? Microsuedes will be big. (Psst, we're carrying some already!). This texture brings elevation and sophistication to your outfit. Another texture that will be hot is Eyelash Knits, so get ready to see that texture in sweaters and cardigans.


Photoboard of fall fashion including microsuede, eyelash knits, and elevated patterns.


2: Trendiest Color For Fall – Rich, Luxurious Tones

There isn’t a single color for fall this year, but rather a collection of colors. Here’s a quick list of some of the most popular colors you’ll start to see as the fall clothes come out on the store floor: 

  • Rich, Deep, Apricot
  • Dark Burdeaux
  • Burnt Caramel
  • Deeper, Richer, Olive (Dark Forest)
  • Deep Jade 
  • Goldeny, Rich Mustard Yellow


Fall color pallets displayed in a mood board. Deep jade, burnt caramel, clay colors can be seen.


3: Get Ready For Jackets ( & Shackets!!)

A pretty big fall fashion trend change this year over previous is that jackets are starting to take the top layering spot over cardigans. Get ready to see more denim, microsuede, utility, and blazers this fall.

And Shackets! Arguably the hottest trend of the season, the Shacket is a cross between a shirt and a jacket. Often worn oversized, you’ll see them in all different styles and patterns. The verdict is clear, you need one in your closet! You’ll be seeing plus size Shacket options at Love Marlow this fall season.

That doesn’t mean throw away your cardigans, but we do recommend picking up some jackets or shackets to add some versatility to your closet and act as the perfect layering piece as the weather turns


Models showing off two fall jackets, a faux leather and a denim one.


4: Sweaters are HOT (not literally, figuratively if you please)

Like any cooler season, sweaters are still in style.  But this year, they’ll be hotter than ever! Expect to see lots of sweater options raging in all different weights, knits, and fit. You’ll definitely see more sweaters than long sleeved tees or blouses, so be sure to get a variety of sweaters so you’ll be prepared no matter the weather.



Photo collage of a white hooded sweater.


For straight sized women, you’ll see more oversized sweater options. 

At Love Marlow, we’ve opted to carry sweaters that are more figure flattering for plus size women. We’re paying special attention to cuts and patterns that will accentuate your natural curves rather than hide them. 

We’re so passionate about plus size clothing and even as trends come and go, our focus is always on empowering women and making them feel good inside and out while wearing Love Marlow.


5: Look Beyond Jeans This Fall

Jeans are still in, but we’re seeing a shift towards exclusivity in the demin department. Try some more interesting bottom styles like trousers, faux leather leggings, velvet leggings, black denim and dresses.

Jeans are great but this fall is the perfect opportunity to switch things up and try a new trend!

Photo collage of fall bottom styles including microsuede leggings, faux leather leggings and a patterned jumpsuit


Let’s Sum It Up

If we had to put a word on 2021 Fall Fashions, it would be: Rich and Luxurious. Rich colors, luxurious textures, fabrics, and styles. After a stay at home 2020, people are looking to bend the norm and move beyond traditional fall styles. But there's still the emphasis on cozy, comfortable fashions that we love to see as Plus Size Women. 


We’re offering special styling sessions for fall! If you’re wanting some help picking out some new styles, we’re here to help. We cant wait to see these new Fall Fashions on our Love Marlow customers!