Spring & Summer 2022: Plus Size Fashion Outlook

The change in the season brings a whole new trend of plus-size clothing, and we are so excited to share what we saw when we attended market! We recently went to market in Las Vegas, Nevada, to meet with plus-size designers and choose what we're carrying at Love Marlow for the spring & summer! 

We can chat with designers and tell them what you, our customers, love, and dislike at market. It's one of our favorite parts of market and we take great responsibility in advocating for the plus-size community and the average-sized woman.

Like last year, we've put together a sneak peek into what's to come. Let's go through some of the trends we noticed that you'll see hitting the racks for the upcoming warm seasons. 

2022 Spring & Summer Clothing Trends

1: Dressy

Plus size olive green pants and striped shirt

Coming out of the pandemic, women are starting to tire of dressing strictly for comfort. We're starting to see fashion elevate, even for more casual events. That doesn't mean comfort has gone away; however, looser fits & wide leg pants still rule the game, but prepare to bring more dressy pieces into your wardrobe. 

2: Color of the season is Periwinkle

We love the new color of the season! Periwinkle is such a fun change-up and really will shine in pieces for spring and summer. It looks so great with a tan and multiple skin tones - we can't wait to see this color on our customers!

3: Palazzo and Wide Leg Pants

Plus size palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are here, and we are so for it! It's such a nice change-up from the skinny jeans look that has dominated for what seems a decade. While skinny jeans are still in, change your bottoms routine and pick up some plus-size palazzo pants or cropped wide-leg jeans.

4: Cotton Shorts

Like with pants, short styles will also be getting a dressier look. Canvas or cotton shorts will rule the hot days of summer. We love this because they'll be lighter and keep you cooler as the temps heat up. 

5: Jumpers and Rompers

We were so excited to pick up some jumper and romper styles for the upcoming season! They're comfy, dressy, cool (temperature and style-wise), and easy to style. We hope you get a chance to try some on. We know some plus-size women may be nervous about this style, but you truly never know unless you try them on!

6: Kimonos and Cardigans

Plus size shorts, cardigan and tee for summer

We noticed fewer kimono and cardigan outerwear styles being carried by designers, a sign that they might be phasing out. We know how much our customers love these, so don't worry. We picked up everything we saw and have plenty of options available at Love Marlow. In place, you'll see more statement tops that don't require layering, and we're so excited to help our customers find alternatives!

Let's get your spring and summer wardrobe revitalized!

There are some trends we're sad to see go and others we can't wait to get rid of. But one thing is for sure, at Love Marlow, we'll always put women first! We know that at the end of the day, how you dress is often a reflection of how you feel, so we want to help you be your best! Keep an eye on our new arrivals or stop by our store as we start to transition to spring and summer!