Plus Size Fashion Trend Watch: Spring/Summer 2021 Outlook

Waking up to a little winter weather in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has us wondering why the heck we ever came back from Florida? A few weeks ago, we escaped the cold and snow to attend the Spring 2021 Market in Orlando, Florida. We look forward to going to Market so much! We love getting a sneak peek at what’s coming in the fashion world and working with our designers to craft their Plus Size lines. After all, who knows plus size clothing better than Love Marlow Boutique?

Trends We Saw at Spring Market 2021

If we had to surmise what we saw in few words, it would be: Everything But the Shag.

What do we mean by that? The '70s are in, and everything but the shag carpet has been brought back. However, this is not your average 1970s clothing we cringe at in old pictures and movies. The fashion world has taken a few notes out of the 70s playbook and elevated it. Let’s call it more of a simplified boho than an all-out bohemian look.

You’ll see lots of peasant tops and dresses, but they will be slightly more tailored and flattering than just big boxes pieces of fabric. Animal prints here to stay, and you’ll see tie-dye continuing to make strides. Geometric patterns are also making their way in both print and details added to clothing or even accessories!

Let’s rejoice in this fact, plus size ladies; high-rise jeans are here to stay! Luckily the muffin top-inducing jeans of the early 2000s are still locked deep in a fashion vault, and we are formally here to petition that they remain there forever. You'll also be feeling the '70s vibes with high-rise flares being a fashion statement this season!

Dresses are going to be bigger than ever this year. We noticed more and more brands carrying more extensive collections of dresses at Market. We selected tons of great pieces to bring to Love Marlow Boutique and are so excited to share them with you as we launch our spring line! Dresses are a great, easy way to dress comfortably but with sophistication. 2020 may have been the Year of Yoga Pants (thanks ‘rona!), but 2021 Is the Year of the Dress. Gals are sick of dressing for comfort exclusively, and you’ll see a lot of elevated looks this spring and summer.

2021 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends:


1. Pistachio is the color of spring/summer. Think of a muted green, somewhere in between olive and lime.

2. Bold, bright pastels are in as well. Not quite Easter pastels, a little richer and bolder.

3. Patterns are here to stay: Tie-Dye, Animal Print, and Geometric

4. Simplified Boho is the style of the season. Envision structured peasant tops and dresses along with high-rise wide-leg pants.

5. Graphic Tees will also still be hot

6. High Rise Jeans are here to stay (can we get an amen?

7. Dresses, get them in your closets, and start rocking them!