5 Years of Love Marlow

Hello Lovelies. Stacey & Leslie here. 2023 marks the five-year anniversary of our mid and plus-size boutique in Sioux Falls, SD. We feel incredibly blessed to have reached this milestone and honestly, there were times we weren’t sure we would ever hit it (Covid was super fun, ya'll 😅). It’s only because of the amazing loyalty of our customers, the support of our loved ones, and the great community we do business that we find ourselves here. 

We dreamed of owning a boutique for more than 10 years before embarking on this journey. The best part is that we get to do it as sisters and with the support of many family members, employees who have become family, and dear friends who put up with our crazy schedules. If you’re curious about our beginnings, check out the reflection we did on our two year anniversary.

It’s amazing how much clothing plays into our everyday lives. As women who have been curvy forever, we get the struggle to find quality, on-trend clothing in extended sizes. We remember what it was like to walk into a store and be immediately directed to the accessories because the associate knew we wouldn’t fit into the clothing. Or perhaps a tiny rack in the back with a small selection of “extended sizes” (we’re sorry but an XL is not an extended size). 


graphic of a typical boutique who only has one rack for plus size women.

These experiences are what fueled us to open Love Marlow. We wanted to be a store that welcomes women who have long been overlooked or mistreated in fashion. It’s why we carry such a wide variety of clothing types. From everyday on-trend clothing to workout and athleisure, to business casual and professional, to special event attire. We carry it all in sizes 10-28 and are constantly looking to expand our offerings. We never want our customers to sacrifice fashion and confidence because of their shape.

Not too long ago we had a young bride come into our store looking for Spanx to wear under her wedding dress. As soon as she stepped into our store, she broke down in tears. She had just visited her seamstress who had informed her she’d need to wear them under her dress because she’d gained weight between fittings. At that moment, we realized Love Marlow was not just a store. We were a place where women could feel safe to talk about struggles and find strength in being surrounded by people who knew exactly what they were going through. 

This story is not unique. We’ve seen so many women walk through our doors at every stage of their lives. From excitement about a new job to selecting an outfit for a funeral. From getting back on the market with a great revenge outfit to needing some retail therapy, we’ve seen it all. We consider it a privilege to be there for women at many different stages and help them feel beautiful and confident. The mission of helping women feel beautiful at every stage is why we named our store “Love Marlow”.


Leslie & Stacey, owners of Love Marlow

As we look to the future, it’s our dream to help even more women feel empowered and worthy. That’s what Love Marlow is. It isn’t just a store that you come to shop in. It's a place that we hope makes you feel loved so you can love yourself. Whatever the next five years bring, know that we’ll never stop working to ensure you have access to quality, fashionable styles in the sizes of an average-sized woman. We thank you for your support and love over the years.

Cheers to five years!

Leslie & Stacey